frequently asked questions

1. What documents I need to have in order to work as pilot in China?

Following scans are required: Valid and current ATPL license without limitations, current medical class 1, last simulator proficiency check, last two pages of logbook with seal of company, passport-page with photo, no accident/incident report from previous /current employer, no-criminal record from you local police authority.

2. What is screening procedure?

Procedure consists of daily test: Psychometric evaluation, medical exam, ATPL test, SIM test and interview. To complete whole process it is required to stay in China 5-7 days.

3.Chinese ATPL test?

Chinese ATPL test is based on FAA exam, it has 200 questions, you have 2 hours to complete questionnaire and passing score is 70%. If you fail you can repeat exam not early than after 4 weeks. Study books are available for preparation.

4. How long it will take until I start flying?

This mainly depends on you flying career documentation and practical experience. Usually within 3 months.

5.How do I receive my salary?

Pilot’s salary will be paid monthly either to any Chinese bank in local currency or in any international bank in USD, this depends on airlines salary payment practice and agreement with broker.

6. Do I have access to loss of license insurance?

Yes, our loss of license insurance is valid in worldwide, by well-know international organization based in Switzerland and we provide access to various programs.

7. What is age limit for pilots in China?

Presently age limit for pilots in China is 60 years, when applying for job you need to be bellow 55 age.

8. What is training bond?

Training bond is guarantee for the airline that pilot will complete agreed employment period in full. It can be given in form of bank letter or bank deposit. Most of the time training bond is not necessary anymore after 2-3 years of employment and type-rating course is considered paid off and free of any charge for pilot.

9. My broker will be able to help me during screening process and with work and life related issues in China?

Surely, YES: China Pilots LTD is based in China, and available to pilots 24/7 for any kind of assistance.

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